Terms and Conditions

(As at Apr 2018)

1. All purchasers are expected to have read, understood and agreed to all terms and conditions before placing their orders;

2. A deposit of at least 30% of retail price will be required along with purchaser’s contact (phone, email and address). Each purchaser should follow online instructions to become a member and fill in contact information (mobile, email and address) which will be used upon product’s availability for balance payment prior to actual delivery;

3. Shipping within most of Hong Kong (with the exception for islands other than Hong Kong Island itself and apartments non-reachable by elevators) is free while shipping outside of Hong Kong is subject to destination and shipping charges will be payable by the purchaser to the shipper directly before delivery. Ship quotes will be advised when products are available. Payment instructions to shipper will be given;

4. Please note that it may not be possible to ship certain items to your country due to various license restrictions or other reasons. Please contact us at enquiry@superfansgroup.com should you have any questions.

5. Customs fees, import duties and taxes of any kind, where applicable, are NOT included and are payable by the purchaser;

6. Our products are meant to be appreciated as display items and which are made of a mix of materials such as polyresin and fibre glass and must be handled with care;

7. Caution must be taken by each purchaser to ensure a well-constructed flat wall surface absolutely strong enough is used to hold preferably at least twice the weight of the wall sculptures and to install them properly. Concrete walls are recommended. Super Fans Group is not liable to any damages, including but not limited to those, as a result of ill judgment made by or ill installation done by the purchaser or installer;

8. Actual products will be battery and/or button cell operated;

9. Actual products may differ from prototypes seen in pictures, videos or in person;

10. Actual delivery may differ from estimated delivery;

11. Each purchaser has the right to report any quality issues within 3 days from the day product was delivered for consideration of a one-time replacement at Super Fans Group’s sole discretion by sending an email to enquiry@superfansgroup.com with pictures and a brief description. Only defects as received (in the exact condition product was received) and in no part due to purchaser’s fault will be considered for replacement while physical damages due to purchaser’s own fault such as mishandling will not be considered. All exchanges are subject to provision of all the parts in the original package delivered including all packaging materials by the purchaser. There is no refund in general. Final decision will be made by Super Fans Group;

12. Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice;

13. The English version of our Terms of Conditions shall prevail in case of any discrepancies with the Chinese version.


DISCLAIMER: Super Fans Group is not liable to any damages, including but not limited to those, as a result of ill judgment made by or ill installation done by the purchaser or installer.


~ End ~

(2018 年 4 月)

1. 請買家在下訂單之前仔細閱讀,理解並同意所有條款和細則;

2. 一般情況下, 預售產品的訂金為正價貨品的百份之三十, 買家應支付最少按正價貨品的百份之三十作為訂金, 並按網頁上的操作, 成為會員, 填寫會員的詳細資料 , 聯繫方式(電話,電子郵件和地址), 作為付運的依據。在實際付運之前,買家會收到本公司的通知, 並請買家支付餘額, 待確認一切手續後, 便會安排付運;

3. 運輸費用, 產品付運前會給買方一個大約運費價錢作為參考, 而在香港大部分地區的運費是免費的(離島, 偏遠地區和電梯無法到達的公寓除外),而在香港以外地區的運費則受到目的地的限制,運費由買方直接支付給托運方/快遞公司。

4. 請注意,由於各種許可限制或其他原因,可能無法向您的國家運送某些物品。 如果您有任何疑問,請通過 enquiry@superfansgroup.com 與我們聯繫

5. 任何付運到香港境外的當地的海關費用,進口關稅和任何形式的稅收(如適用), 產品價格和運費不包括在內,並由買方支付;

6. 我們的產品是給買家展示欣賞之用,是由樹脂和玻璃纖維混合材料製成,必須小心安裝, 擺放和搬運;

7. 每個買家都必須小心謹慎,請勿將本產品放在高處或不平穩的位置上. 請確保正確安裝在一幅結構良好, 平坦, 表面足夠堅固的,可以負荷產品自身重量(建議2倍以上) 的混凝土(石屎)牆壁上。Super Fans Group 不承擔任何因產品跌落的任何損失,包括但不限於由買方或安裝人員做出的不當安裝或不當安裝造成的任何損失;

8. 實際產品是使用電池和/或鈕扣電池操作;

9. 實際產品可能與圖片,視頻或親自看到的原型有所不同;


11.每位買家應在收到貨品後三天內, 檢查產品的完整性, 打開產品時如發現因非人為因素之損毀缺陷,請拍照, 在圖片上加以說明, 並發送郵件到 Super Fans Group 官方電郵 enquiry@superfansgroup.com, 如確認非錯誤安裝, 不小心搬運移動而導致的損毀缺陷, 會安排換貨處理, 若欲辦理貨品更換,退回的商品必須是全新且保持完整包裝,包括主要商品、所有零附件及贈品、原廠包裝、所有隨附文件及單據發票等皆不可缺漏。 一般情況下不接受退款。Super Fans Group 保留所有爭議最終決定權 ;


13. 如果與中文版有任何差異,我們的條款英文版將適用;


免責聲明: Super Fans Group 不承擔任何因產品跌落的任何損失,包括但不限於由買方或安裝人員做出的不當安裝或不當安裝造成的任何損失.


~ 完 ~